Trek to Halape Beach

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The Big Island differs greatly from Kauai. The Kalalau Trail in Kauai was vastly different than our march to Halape Beach. Starting at Hilina Pali overlook, we descended about 1400 feet through rocky terrain. After that, the Hilina Pali trail flattens out and is enjoyable. We did encounter some long stretches of tall grass about 3-4 feet which did slow our hiking speed. We were given some inaccurate information and realized our trek would be about double the time we had expected, which lowered our morale a bit.

The trail is dotted with small mounds of rocks to indicate where the trail exists. There were many times when the trail disappeared, forcing us to search for our illusive path. The Hilina Pali trail was fairly uneventful. Some interesting scenic points along the way, but as darkness crept up on us, we were glad to make it to our destination.

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