Into the wild blue yonder

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As the weeks approached to this Hawaiian excursion, I looked forward to a day of deep sea fishing. With a bit of fishing experience in Costa Rica and St. Thomas, the next challenge was Hawaii. All my experiences with deep sea fishing have entailed lots of waiting. Costa Rica was eight hours of sitting, looking out the back of a boat with nothing to show by the end of the day. The St. Thomas excursion was about eight hours of trolling, broken up by about 20 minutes of a lucky strike that landed into the boat. Hawaii was a similar experience. Nothing for the first couple of hours, but then we hauled in a short-billed spearfish. Then the rest of the day, not one additional strike.

I did happen to snap a shot of a Humpback whale tail, my first sighting of such a creature up-close. Massive beyond my thoughts, larger than the boat we were in. But the real whale fireworks would take place the next day.

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